How to Apply

The application process takes no less than 5 minutes. Most packages are even activated within the same day provided already paid for before checkout.

Step 1: Choose Package

  • Choose from 60 different packages according to your own preference in capital, earnings and terms.
  • BOND is a low-risk & fixed-interest monthly program and FRANCHISE is medium-risk & high-profit monthly program.
  • Easily compare earnings by using our smart profit table.

Step 2: Place Order

  • Packages can be paid in full or 3-month plan basis. Plan payments need at least 50% downpayment.
  • Fully paid packages are immediately processed for payouts while plan payments must be all be settled before unlocking payouts.
  • Check our promo page to see if there are ongoing discounts, advance payouts, or use referral codes given to you by existing partners.

Step 3: Sign Contract

  • IMPORTANT: Please sign the contract only when able to make payment in less than 3 days.
  • This contract states it must generate payouts and the capital be returned by the term’s end.
  • If payment is made before signing contract then expect the package activated within the same day.

Step 4: Checkout

  • Enter your billing and payout details.
  • Receive payouts in any 40+ supported banks, digital wallets such as GCash, PayMaya,, or Palawan Padala.

Step 5: Submit Payment

  • Send the payment proof to or use our contact page to attach it.
  • Payment verification may take 1 to 3 days. You will receive a confirmation email and payouts will reflect on your payouts page.
  • If any advance payouts are availed, expect to receive them in less than 24 hours upon sending of payment proof.